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Which Social Networks are Unusual, Yet Powerful for Bloggers?

You’re probably involved in social media platforms that help build your blog like Facebook and Pinterest. Have you considered expanding to some of the unusual social media platforms as well? Some of the lesser known platforms like InfoBarrel, Scoop.It, MyBlogU, and Quibb are probably unfamiliar to you but they are actually quite powerful.

Bloggers should take the time to look into these platforms because they are not oversaturated and they offer different techniques that your typical social media platforms don’t specialize in. whether you want to network through BizSugar or allow people to vote on your content through Kingged, here is a look at some unusual social networks that are powerful tools for bloggers.



This social network is great for promoting your content in which you can gain “watchers” through your journal entries and polls. Promote short stories by posting excerpts and linking it back to your website for readers to find the full story. Then, watch traffic comment on your story.



This is handy site for any blogging niche because you can promote your posts across the community. It’s a content-based network for writing and promoting your content right on the platform. Then, people can comment, discuss, and share on bloggers’ content. Plus, they can vote on content so if you have great votes, you’ll start gaining respect and authority for your blogging abilities. Be sure to lead them back to your blog for even more of your work.

GNU Social

Check out GNU Social for a Twitter-style platform. Join a community or self-host. Run an account on the federated network of choice, promote your blog posts, and you’ll be seen on the entire community over several federated networks.



Check out this unique social network that specializes in being a content curation tool. It’s a great way to share your blog posts, look for places to suggest it, and network. You suggest your content and hope to be “scooped” like a Pinterest board is “pinned.”



Check out this one if you want to try to share your content and earn a passive income. It should help you boost your income because you’ll be networking and getting people to discuss your content. It’s a great way to grow your network of other blogger contacts too.


Check out Quibb for blogs on specific niches and industries that handle problems with analytical data. Grow your blog community through this social network if you’re in the tech world because it’s a great resource with helpful people. The members-only platform requires approval of an application first.



You’ll love MyBlogU’s blogger network for chatting with others, finding jobs through contacts, and participating in friendly competitions. Rather than sharing and promoting your blog, you are asking for opinions, sharing ideas, and communicating. Share your projects, brainstorming ideas, and media while you make friends and network.



BizSugar is a great choice for business bloggers that need to build the traffic up. You can connect and network with bloggers in the same niche or industry.

Along with these great networks, you can always use the typical Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and more to continue building your blog. Just remember that sometimes the lesser known sources can have the most impact on your success.

How can you Get More People to Comment on Your WordPress Blog Posts?

WordPress Post Comments

When people start to comment on your WordPress blog posts, they become more popular and you may end up with a good debate or discussion. This makes the search engines happy and you may get a little extra love. If you want more comments on your blog posts, here are some ways to get them.

Avoid CAPTCHA and Use Comment Moderation Instead

CAPTCHA is great for blocking spam, but it will also keep some people from commenting. It’s not very user-friendly and it won’t help you get more comments.

Instead of using CAPTCHA, you can enable comment moderation to ensure you don’t end up with spam comments on your site.

Tell Users When they Get a Reply to a Comment

Often, people will comment and never check back for a reply. If you set up your site to send out notifications when somebody replies to a comment, you may get a full discussion. This is a great way to get more comments.

It’s very easy to notify users of replies in WordPress. They will receive an email letting them know there are new replies to their comment. Then, they just click a link and join the discussion they started.

Choose a New and Better WordPress Host

Did you know, comments can take up quite a bit of resources? When a person leaves a comment, it runs a PHP script. If multiple people are commenting, it could slow your site down, which doesn’t help with getting more comments.

Choosing a better hosting company for WordPress will give you the resources you need. With the right hosting company, you won’t have to worry about slow load times and you will get plenty of speed to handle WordPress comments.


Should you Disable WordPress Trackbacks and Pingbacks?

Have you wondered about whether or not to disable your WordPress trackbacks and pingbacks? You can disable them since some people feel they aren’t really necessary. Trackbacks work to offer a clip of the blog after a comment is made which can increase readership while pingbacks work to display excerpts too but very few WordPress themes will actually display them.

How do you decide if it’s worth keeping them around? Are they helping your blog gain readers? Does the control you have behind the trackbacks and pingbacks make them okay? Here is a look at what you should know about trackbacks and pingbacks so that you can decide if they should be disabled.

The positives and negatives

Trackbacks And PingBacks in Comments

On the positive side, your website will get mentioned on other websites which is great for your search engine rankings. It’s always great to increase your traffic because someone else mentioned your website to the world.

It’s great for the reason of increasing interaction on your site and it can encourage a healthy debate about opinions you’ve expressed on your blog. It’s handy too because you’ll know of any website linking to your content and potentially profiting off of some of the things you wrote together with other content they’ve used to create theirs.

The downside to trackbacks and pingbacks would be the huge level of spam you’ll see. You’ll see people pushing their own websites by using your website to propel their own sites. They do this by adding their site’s URL to other websites and it’s their attempt to push their site for search engine optimization. People add links and have good intentions but it becomes spam central because they are submitting URLs to thousands of sites.

If you have spam in your comments, you’ll have to moderate them which is a waste of time. In addition, you’ll have to moderate self pings as well. You can use an anti-spam tool to help some of the spam in your comments folder though.


Can you Really Stop Spammers on your WordPress Website?

Spammers can cause a headache for WordPress users. You are trying to run a successful website through WordPress and even without attempting to increase your blog traffic, you are receiving traffic from automated bots and spammers. In fact, over half of web traffic is not even human because non-human traffic continues to increase.

While non-human traffic increases, it’s taking away from the authentic traffic of real people that want to check out your website. It makes it difficult when web bots are being easily built and they are causing spam to increase more and more. What can you do about this and is there a way to really stop spammers on your WordPress website?

What are my options?

You can use a free, anti-spam solution which will help counteract the problem. These are effective ways to decrease the spam but they take time to integrate and maintain on your site. Start with some free anti-spam options to protect your WordPress site with choices including Akismet, Antispam Bee and WP Spam-Shield Anti-Spam.

Wp-Spam Shield

The WP Spam-Shield Anti-Spam is a popular choice that works with all popular contact form plugins, subscriptions and WooCommerce plugin. It can protect you from annoying spam bots and human spam, plus it will stop registration spam. It will deal with spam before it hits your database and it will work to defend your site somewhat against SQL injections or XSS vulnerabilities. You can also count on it to work with JS/Cookies Anti-Spam Layer.

The Antispam Bee is free to users, even commercial projects, and it works to differentiate Spam IPs and authorized commentators. It doesn’t require registration for use and won’t store personal data. The plugin will support auto deletion of spam and selective country blocking. Your comments will only be allowed in one language.


Akismet is another great free option and it’s the default for WordPress sites. There is no cost for this plugin and it will auto check all of your comments and filter the spam out. You can see the history of each comment and permit the user to check if a comment was cleared by the plugin. It will work in 42 languages. Since it caps at 50,000 checks for comment spam, you’ll have to either start paying $5 per month or you can add on a different plugin option.


8 Excellent Minimalistic Themes for WordPress

A minimalistic theme is a great choice for your WordPress blog because it’s clutter-free, clean and showcases the true gem: your content. Rather than going with a busy theme with tons of colors, fonts, images and videos, you can have a clean, sophisticated and professional look by going minimalistic. The focus should be on what you want to put out in the world rather than the fluff behind the busy themes.

WordPress has some great minimalistic themes to really portray your content and it won’t distract your visitor with excessive designs. Don’t worry about looking too plain; your high quality content will stand out and your viewer will want to come back for more again and again. Here is a look at 8 excellent options for WordPress themes that are focused on minimalism.



Check out the Backer theme with WordPress to start. This awesome theme is designed for those that want to create a crowdfunding website because the minimalism behind it is easy for investors to find the right projects to invest.

Your entrepreneurs will have an easier seeking funding because of the simply design. It works directly with Ignition Deck, a plugin designed to offer a strong crowdfunding platform for the tech world, charities, music and fashion. You’ll love the $18 free revolution slider and the unique project grids to display projects.


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