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E-mail Filtering in cPanel at eHostPros

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  1. Login to your cPanel at eHostPros
  2. Click on the E-mail Filtering link in the Mail area.
  3. Click on the Add Filter link.
  4. Click on the required header field in the first drop-down list. These are the various fields in any e-mail message.
  5. Click on the required filter action in the second drop-down list. This action will act on the text entered in the third field.
    • equals – match the text exactly (whole words only). “Credit” will block “Credit”.
    • matches regex – matches the text based on regular expression (regex) rules. Regular expressions are a powerful but complex area. You do not need to use regular expression filters for most circumstances.
    • contains – match the specified text in any circumstance. “porn” will block “porn” and “pornography”.
    • begins with – match the specified text when it is the beginning of a word. “porn” will block “porn” and “pornography” but not “teenporn”.
  6. Enter the filter text in the third field. This text is case sensitive.
  7. Enter the destination for the filtered e-mail in the Destination field. There are three separate types of destination:
    • Destroy the e-mail – Enter Discard in the field.
    • Redirect to another address – Enter the e-mail address to which to redirect the e-mail.
    • Redirect to a script – Enter the full script path on the machine that hosts your website.
  8. Click on the Activate button.


  • To redirect all e-mail from [email protected], enter: From, equals, [email protected], [email protected]
  • To delete all e-mail from, enter: From, contains,, Discard
  • To delete all references to pornography, enter: Any Header, contains, porn, Discard
  • To discard all e-mail that Spam Assassin has marked as spam, enter: SpamAssassin Spam Header, begins with, yes, Discard

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